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If you’re looking to spruce up your space, houseplants are the way to go! They have a special way of breathing life into a room, and adding a calming vibe to your home. Additionally, they boost the quality of your air, which does wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

However not many of us have a green thumb, or are well-versed in plant know-how. If you aren’t home often, you would need a plant that wouldn’t mind if you forget to water it for a day… or two. At best, most of us would grab a cactus or a succulent and call it a day, as those are as low-maintenance as it could possibly get. 

But in reality, there are actually a variety of houseplants that are extremely easy to take care of! Bonus points for being aesthetically pleasing, as well as pet-safe unlike spiky, bulbous cactuses. Let’s take a look at 5 of them!

Money Plant

If you’re Asian, this one would most likely be your top pick because of its name – and ours too! Aside from feng shui, the money plat is a top pick for home plant beginners. It has the ability to flourish even in the toughest of conditions. It only requires watering once a week, or even less!

It’s an adaptable plant that can grow well even without bright sunlight. Its leaves are heart-shaped, and its stems are slender. When placed in a room, it looks particularly pretty especially if its leaves cascade down a table or a shelf.


That’s right, it’s aloe vera! The sap from these plants are commonly used in skincare for its moisturising elements, and even to heal cuts and burns. 

It comes from the succulent family, and needs little water and sunlight to grow. Aloe actually dislikes direct sunlight, and prefers a cool, shady spot to sit. You should only water it if the soil is completely dry, but other than that, it’s a self-sufficient plant that is content to flourish by itself.

Chinese Evergreen

This plant is extremely forgiving for new plant owners. It’s one of the most popular, low-maintenance plants. It thrives well in warm temps and somewhat humid conditions – perfect for Singapore. It can adapt to most indoor conditions, and prefers low or indirect sunlight.

Most varieties of this plant have a form of variegated leaf, making them a stunningly beautiful plant. It’s recommended that you water it sparingly, and allow the soil to dry out for a few days before re-watering it. Use a water-soluble houseplant fertiliser to ensure your plant is vibrant and healthy!

Lucky Bamboo

A centrepiece of bamboo is common in Asian households. Bamboo plants are usually arranged in the middle of red, blooming geraniums in a pot, or some other combination of blooms and ribbons. Sculptural bamboo plants have shapes such as swirls, or braided stalks, and are frequently spotted in offices and local residences for the purpose of good feng shui.

Lucky bamboo can be sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, so it’s a good idea to water lucky bamboo plants with distilled or bottled water. Other than that, it’s an easy-to-care-for plant that likes warmer temperatures and well-drained soil. This hardy plant also has a well-earned reputation as being nearly indestructible, so you’ll do fine!

Spider Plant

Don’t mind the creepy name, we promise! It’s named for its long dangling leaves, and is an incredibly easy-to-grow household plant. Its long, striped leaves are capable of sprucing up your space very well, so give it a chance!

It’s a hardy plant that doesn’t require direct sunlight, and has the added benefit of being efficient in removing harmful toxins in the air. Spider plants are capable of removing harmful xylene, toluene, and formaldehyde from the air around your house, so consider them an inexpensive alternative to air filters – they don’t even need electricity to function.

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With challenges such as space, lack of sunlight and a natural source of water, it’s difficult to think of having your own indoor plants and flower arrangements in a HDB flat or apartment. However with the easy indoor plants we’ve recommended above, it’ll be a walk in the park. If you’re looking for additional tips to liven up your space, check out our blog Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Liven Up Your Home.

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