Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Liven Up Your Home

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If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s design on a budget, we’re here to help! Liven up your home with these easy and inexpensive decoration ideas, from something as simple as a throw rug or a vase of flowers.

A great decoration placed cleverly can elevate your home in minutes! Your space can feel refreshed, on-trend and refined with these ideas. Let’s explore five easy options below.

Throw Blankets and/or Pillows

Some throw blankets or pillows are one of the top ways to freshen up any living space or your bedroom. Choose throw pillows with new colours and shapes, or even printed designs to liven up your room. Pick throw blankets with different textures and colours to experiment with.It’s also a great way to experiment with colours and prints before fully committing to a change.

Place them on your bed, couch, reading corner or dining chairs. It adds a little spark of colour, and takes little to no effort! You can add so much personality into a room with just a brightly coloured blanket, or leopard print throw pillows. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair both blankets and pillows and go wild!

Organisers and Racks

You might not consider these as decorations, but we beg to differ! Adding a few classy pieces that can ease organising, makes a huge difference to your space. 

Stylish, minimalist coat hooks by the doorway can make room for mirrors, portraits, paintings, plants and more. Hang them securely with some rope or twine for a rustic, vintage look. You can even use them for hanging larger items like hats, purses, or light jackets. If you opt for a rack, try installing a floating rack or shelf above your living spaces, and fill them with books or small trinkets. 

You’ll be able to have your own designated reading nook in your living room or bedroom with a strategically placed rack or shelf, and it adds an air of cosiness to your home. Choose racks that look sophisticated and homey, with colours that match your home’s aesthetic. 


Make your space look bigger while sticking to a budget by adding mirrors – it works! You’ll be amazed at the difference a mirror can make with a strategic placement. The possibilities are truly endless.

Mirrors are able to brighten up an entire room by bouncing light and reflecting sunshine around your space. They provide the illusion of a larger room, and fill awkward spaces and bring flat walls to life. Much like regular decoration and art pieces, mirrors can function as subtle accents or statement pieces in a room. Make a big impact in a small room, at an affordable price!

Floral Arrangements

Adding flowers can beautify a whole room, bringing life to your living space. With a classy vase or a well-placed houseplant, you can bring a pop of colour and personality to your table or shelf of choice. As an added bonus, floral arrangements can help purify the air in your room too!

With interesting plant displays like succulents or hanging heartland leaves, you can liven up a neutral space with natural elements. Keep them watered and ensure they have enough sunlight, and your space will immediately grow to be more homely!

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DIY Wall Art

This form of decoration requires little effort and budget, and you get to display your creativity! Picture frames can rack up your budget, and you might not have the freedom to nail art pieces or pictures to your wall.

You can paint your own artwork or print out your own picture of choice, and install your art display on your walls. Use creative methods like washi tape instead of regular Bluetack or double sided tape, or simply clip your art prints to rope or twine. This method allows you to easily change out the images, and you can refresh your display whenever you want to if needed!

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