Our Favourite Birthday Party Themes

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If you’ve passed your kiddy or teenage years, planning a birthday party might seem like a challenge! Not only do you have to consider the time and location, but you have to also consider if your peers are free and available. It’s not uncommon to have to book a meetup 2 business months ahead.

So in the case of a birthday party where everyone gets together to celebrate, consider hosting a memorable, themed birthday party! You may assume that themed parties are for kids too, but that isn’t the case at all. In fact, a theme can be anything from a colour scheme, to a food, or even a movie or series. 

But the best thing about themed parties as an adult, is that you have so many options to think about. From invitations to decorations, entertainment and party games, even the Spotify playlist of the night! It’s a great way to add a unique touch to your special day, and makes it easier to arrange with the right theme.

Check out our top 3 themes for a birthday party!

Spies In Disguise

A spy party with the glitz and glam of Vegas, filled with a little danger, intrigue, and maybe a little secret romance – one of the most popular Hollywood movie themes in the last couple of decades! We’re thinking 2018 Black Panther, or 2021 No Time to Die spy party vibes, or do it Melissa McCarthy style.

From black suits to dress pants, to shimmering dresses and fancy jewellery, anyone can show up looking glamorous. Recreate the sparkling halls of Vegas with LED signs, dice, playing cards and red carpets. Arrange fun table games such as poker, blackjack or roulette, most of which are considered games for adults. 

As far as food goes in spy movies, you can really order anything! From Chinese takeout to corndogs, to roast chicken or French onion soup. If you want to go extra Vegas, opt for fancy meals such as Maine-Style lobster rolls or beef wellington. Order extra finger foods, prepare wine or champagne and have a great time!

Tropical Luau

You don’t have to take a plane to enjoy the tropics for your birthday – Singapore is a tropical island itself! With mouth-watering food and tasty snacks, you’ll be set to enjoy your own little tropical getaway with your friends and family.

A luau or tiki celebration for your birthday is a great party theme, and works at any time of the year. Your guests can put on tropical, palm tree-printed shirts, don a pair of sunglasses and open toe slippers and chill with a coconut in their hand. 

Book an outdoor venue near the beach, and deck the rooms with colourful beach balls, little umbrellas and bright flags. Pump up an inflatable air mattress for people to hop on, or even a couple of toy sharks for that extra touch. Use palm fronds and fruits like pineapples, watermelons or coconuts for decoration, especially after cutting out the flesh of the fruit.

Keep the food simple with an open grill or barbeque, with lots of marinated meat and seafood. Prepare freshly cut tropical fruits and chips as snacks, and mix drinks such as punch, peach schnapp cocktails, or alcoholic fruit cocktails.

Bring Back The 2000s

If you remember the 2000s like we do, those were fun, simpler times. Try going old school with an early 2000s theme, which is perfect for anyone approaching their late twenties or early thirties!

Bring back Y2K fashion with low-rise jeans, cargo pants, jewelled pockets, skirts over pants and tank tops over shirts. Rock the crimped hair with blue eyeshadow, butterfly hair clips, temporary frosted tips and bucket hats to complete the look!

For decoration, it’s all about the glitter. Our favourite 2000s decorations involve sparking streamers, glitter butterflies, old CDs as wall decor and more! Use the power of Spotify to create a Best of 2000s playlist, filled with throwbacks from Britney Spears, NSYNC, Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Shakira and more. Don’t be shy about breaking out the Disney classics either. We know High School Musical had an irreversible grip on your childhood. 

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