Lucky Colours for Chinese New Year 2023

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Chinese New Year is around the corner! This means it’s the time of the year again for a quick rundown on what to expect for the new year. In other words, what should one do to bring more luck into 2023.

According to the Chinese Horoscope 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit is a year that will postpone conflicts, bring peace, make people more open and attentive to the needs of those around them. 

It is said for this year, the luckiest colours of 2023 are Red and Pink but also Green and Blue. So, if you’re like us and want to make the best of the upcoming year…it’s important to keep these colours in mind and embody them in your daily practices whether it’s big or small.

Meaning of the Colours for 2023

As mentioned above, green is the lucky colour of the year, which brings balance, harmony and stability. It is believed to have a calming and soothing effect and is often used to create a harmonious atmosphere. Similar to green, blue is also associated with bringing in peace and softness into your life. 

On the other hand, Red and Pink are said to attract prosperity, wealth and an abundance of good fortune. They bring positive energy and are often used to enhance the power of the space. 

Overall, the Year of the Rabbit usually brings germination, growth, and development. Thus, these lucky colours will have a great effect on the personal and professional lives of Chinese zodiac signs. 

Ways to Attract Positive Energy

It is recommended to use Feng Shui remedies and be mindful of the year’s lucky colours. We can select our clothes and decorate our houses or offices with furniture in the lucky colours of 2023. You can also use these colours to dye your hair, paint your nails, and incorporate these lucky colours in all kinds of accessories, such as jewellery, wallets, belts, hats or scarves. 

Traditionally, people believe that colours influence our success, whether it is love, career, or health. Hence, we should keep in mind that more than the pattern of a piece of clothing, it is the energy with which it enriches us that matters. Colours have specific energy, as they can affect our moods, thoughts, and emotions. Therefore, with 2022 coming to a close, it’s best if we embody the colours that enhance our life for 2023.

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