FlowernBalloon | How to Refresh Your Kitchen On a Budget

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Regardless if you’ve lived in a house for years, or you’ve just moved into a new place, you might feel an urge to refresh the existing look and feel of the place. If you feel the need to refresh your home on a budget, the area where you’ll get the most bang for your buck is the kitchen!

The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home,  and it’s where family members gather together for a meal. It’s also where functional design can significantly improve both the look for your home and the quality of your daily life. 

You don’t need to fork out big dollars to make a big impact in a kitchen. All you have to do is get strategic and creative about it. Here are some ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget!


Surprisingly, not a lot of people know this trick, but one little adjustment to your lighting can improve the entire look and feel of your space. Look for inexpensive, minimalist light fixtures or lamps to place on your countertops, or even set up a string of fairy lights under cabinets to add ambiance to your space.

If you’re using dark curtains or blackout blinds, swap them out for translucent shades or curtains to allow more natural light in. It acts as a mood booster and will help illuminate your kitchen, giving it a homely touch.

Add Colours And Patterns

Small pops of colour or patterns to your kitchen, such as rugs or coloured stools. A vintage fur rug may seem out of place in a kitchen, but a well-placed one can add tons of personality to even the tiniest of kitchens. Leave the area around the refrigerator and stove clear from the rug –  the best place to place a rug in the kitchen is in front of the sink. It can also help absorb moisture or droplets.

Adding some floral wallpaper or marbling patterns can change up the entire look of your kitchen. For an added bonus, try attaching plates to the wall for a special touch! Simply stick them to the wall with removable strips, or hang them with plate hangers.

Open Up Space

If you have the means to remove some of your old upper cabinetry, you may potentially completely transform your kitchen. By removing those large, clunky cabinets, your kitchen will feel lighter and more modern, and perhaps even bigger and functional. Alternatively if you’re unable to remove them, simply remove the doors instead! You’ll be able to create open shelving without spending a penny.

If you wish to display items such as spices, herbs or other ingredients, floating shelves are great alternatives. You can even add cookbooks, serving platters or vases of fresh flowers. It adds a wonderful touch to your kitchen, while allowing for more functionality.

Adjust Your Storage

Over the years, a lot of junk can accumulate in your kitchen. Set aside a day or weekend to sort out all your kitchen cabinets and shelves, and organise them to have easy, daily access. Sort your ingredients into jars or containers and label them accordingly. They double as home decor when displayed on open shelves!

Also, clearing your kitchen can instantly improve your kitchen, and it won’t cost a cent. Getting rid of old clutter or expired food and drink also helps spruce things up a bit, and avoid insects or roaches.

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