How to Preserve Fresh-Cut Flowers

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No one really wants to say goodbye to their flower bouquets, especially if they’ve received it as a gift. This goes for bridal bouquets, anniversary flowers or romantic occasions in particular – it’s sad to see lovely flowers wilt and die after the meticulous planning, arranging and delivery for that one special day.

We think that part of what makes flowers so wonderful is their transitory beauty. After months of growing from seed to stem, they are used as gorgeous gifts in their peak. However people are constantly looking for creative ways to keep their flower gifts, but struggle due to their short lifespan. 

There are actually many ways to preserve your flowers, for the sake of beauty and sentimental value. Preserved flowers can become lovely home decor, and be used in a variety of ways or craft projects. Depending on the type of preservation method and flowers used, your decor can look stunning in several ways. Let’s introduce four popular ways to preserve your fresh cut flowers and create your own keepsakes.

Air Drying

A classic, traditional method – and the easiest one!

Simply hang your flower bouquet upside down in a cool, dry area, and let the air dry out the moisture from the blooms. They should dehydrate over the course of a few weeks. 

Wait for your blooms to partially or fully open before attempting to air-dry them. You’ll need string or twine to tie the stems together, before hanging them up on a hook or a hanger. Once your flowers are dry, spritz them with hairspray to keep them from crumbling too easily.

This method, however, has some drawbacks: flowers may shed their petals, and mould may grow. Furthermore, the process takes a long while. So our recommendation is to hang your flowers in a dry, but well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. 

Our personal recommendation would be flowers such as roses, eustomas and similar gorgeous blooms. Check out our Tawny Enchantment if you’re looking for a bouquet that will look equally as luxurious once dried out!

Book Pressing

Another easy preservation method, with the smallest risk of messing up your flowers. There’s little effort and upkeep that goes into this technique, but delivers the most wonderful results!

You will need a heavy hardcover book, such as a dictionary or coffee-table tome, a few sheets of paper or waxed paper, and a pair of scissors. Use the scissors to remove the stems of the flowers before placing them into the centre of the book. Cover the pages with the paper or waxed paper and press the flower bud close to the middle of the page, before closing the book.

Over time, the liner paper or waxed paper will absorb moisture from the flower, gradually desiccating it. Check your flower’s progress once a week or so, replacing the liner paper to give it a fresh dry surface. It’s a lengthy process, but we assure you that the workload and upkeep is minimal. After four to five weeks, you’ll have a dried blossom that should last indefinitely.

Silica Gel

Remember those little packets you get in your shoebox when buying brand new shoes? Yeah, those! Silica gel is made up of silicon dioxide, a key component of sand, and works as a moisture-absorbing desiccant.

You can use silica gel to speed up your drying process for your preserved flowers, however you will have to pay closer attention and monitor the progress. Over-drying will lead to fragile, crumbly buds that would turn into dust at the slightest movement. 

Use an air-tight jar or your mum’s Tupperware (let’s hope she doesn’t miss it) as well as a scoop or two of silica gel. Fill the bottom of your container with around half an inch of silica gel before placing your bloom sin. Scatter more gel on top of the flowers, making sure it gets in between the petals, until the blossoms are completely covered. Replace the lid on the container and leave it for a few days.

Check on the flowers every two days for a couple of weeks, or until they feel dry. Then take them out carefully, and remove any remaining gel with a soft brush. Congratulations, you now have a gorgeous handful of dried blooms that can be used for any decorating purpose!

We believe that our Spring Showers flower hamper will make for a gorgeous dried bundle. Check it out here on our site!

Epoxy Resin

Perhaps the trickiest method for someone new to resincraft, or the easiest method for an expert resin crafter.

Use clear epoxy resin to preserve your favourite flowers in decorative shapes or ornaments. Make a paperweight, a lipstick holder, a coaster or even a tabletop out of your bouquet! You could even give your bouquet a resin coat and call it a day. All you need is the right mould, the correct mixture of epoxy, a pair of safety gloves and a mask. We must emphasise that inhaling epoxy mixture directly can be dangerous to your health.

Use old newspapers or another protective covering to cover your work surface. Pour equal parts resin and catalyst into disposable measuring cups. Because the epoxy resin activates quickly, make sure you only mix just the right amount, and not too much or too little. Check with the resin manufacturer for the correct ratio, as well as time to mix. 

You can either dip the flower into the epoxy or place the flower into a silicone mould and then pour the epoxy in the form. If you choose to dip the flower, you will need to hold it for a few minutes so that the epoxy spreads evenly between the petals. Then, lift the blossom out of the epoxy and hang it over several layers of newspaper until it sets. Use scissors to trim off any rough epoxy droplets.

Of course, if you choose to avoid tackling this task, you can send your blooms to a local resin artist or crafter for a commission!

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