FlowernBalloon | A Guide to Pet-Safe Flowers

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So you love waking up to fresh flowers — but you have adorable furry friends with an unstoppable sense of curiosities. We feel you!

Before you start adorning your house with flower arrangements, keep in mind that most flowers are unsafe for pets. And could do more harm than good to them if we were to remain oblivious. But fear not, there are still plenty of beautiful flowers that are safe for you to keep at home – without worrying if your pets were to dig or stick their nose into them. 

Many of these flowers can easily be found at any of your nearest flower shops or florists in Singapore. So, it’s best if you learn to identify them and ensure your pets are not susceptible to toxic surroundings. 


If you’ve guessed roses then you are correct. Roses being the most classic out of all the  flowers, are generally harmless. But there are a few types of roses that should be kept away due to their potential risks of toxicity. 

  • Primrose
  • Christmas rose
  • Desert rose
  • Rosebay
  • Moss rose (a succulent)

Also, worth keeping in mind that the thorns on the roses can be painful. So, don’t let your cats or dogs step on them. 

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisies are a must-have for pet parents and perfect for sprucing up your home. They come in bold and pastel shades of pink, red, orange, lavender, salmon, yellow and white. In which, these colours exude an overall vibe of cheerfulness and happiness. 

Nevertheless, make sure to read the label carefully when buying Gerbera daisies since there are similar flowers from the same daisy family that are toxic to pets.


Orchids are also common in our Asian households. They are gorgeous and occasionally difficult to cultivate, but they do come in a plethora of varieties and hybrids that are generally non-toxic for your furry babies.

Here are a few list of orchid species that you can consider placing in your homes: 

  • Brazilian Orchid (Sophronitis spp.)
  • Crimson Cattleya, Ruby-lipped Cattleya (Cattleya Labiata)
  • Christmas Orchid or Winter Cattleya (Cattleya trianaei)
  • Cirrhopetalum or Old World Orchid (Bulbophyllum appendiculatum)
  • Cocktail Orchid (Cattleya forbesii)
  • Dancing Doll Orchid (Oncidium flexuosum)
  • Easter Cattleya or Easter Orchid) (Cattleya mossiae)
  • Fiery Reed Orchid (Epidendrum ibaguense)

If you want to maintain the orchid’s mint condition, just make sure to keep them out of reach. So, your pups and cats won’t nibble on their leaves. 


You can bring some sunshine into your house with sunflowers. They brighten up your living space and are pet-friendly too. Lucky for you, these gorgeous flowers contain no poison and would definitely guarantee a happy home for you and your pets! 

Additionally, sunflowers are not only pretty on your dining table, they can also be eaten and used medicinally to loosen up phlegm and coughing. Their seeds too, make the perfect snack for you and your friends.

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