4 Flowers for Rainy Seasons

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We’re well mid-way through February, and it’s bringing us cold, heavy showers in between days of hot sunshine. 

Singapore’s tropical climate is an absolute paradise for plant lovers, as it brings about year-round sunshine and high humidity. The abundant rainfall on this part of the map creates an ideal condition for a diverse range of flora to thrive.

As we know, Singapore is home to a stunning array of flowers and plants, such as colourful orchids to towering palm trees. The consistent warm, but wet temperature climate allows for a diverse mix of plants to be grown all year round. 

In the spirit of the recent wet weather, let’s take a look at some flowers that thrive in rainy seasons such as this!


It’s in the name! Hydrangeas are beloved by both gardeners and common folk alike for their colourful blooms and resilience to thrive in rainy climates. They’re most commonly found in Asia and America, and there are over 70 species of this water-loving flower.

One of the reasons why hydrangeas are so well-suited to rainy areas is because they love water. These plants need to be watered frequently, especially during hot seasons. In areas with abundant rainfall such as Southeast Asia, hydrangeas can truly thrive, making them a low-maintenance choice for gardeners.

Hydrangeas are also well-adapted to the moist, humid conditions that are common in rainy areas. They have large leaves that can help them absorb moisture from the air, and their shallow root systems can take advantage of the wet soil.

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Lotus flowers are popular in Southeast Asia for their exquisite beauty, traditional use and overall ability to thrive in water. They are often found in ponds, rivers, and other watery environments, and love being showered in rain. The best habitat for them is moist soil and shallow water.

They have a unique root system that allows them to absorb nutrients and water from the soil, while anchoring them in place. These large plants are able to withstand strong winds and storms, even river currents during high tide. Its leaves are waxy and water-repellent, allowing them to float and absorb the sunlight it needs.

Calla Lilies

These graceful blooms come in a multitude of colours such as pink, orange, white, red and more, making them a popular choice to grow or gift. They often grow close to the ocean or rivers, and love their surroundings to be damp. To florists, they’re a low maintenance flower that requires only light and a moist habitat.

These elegant flowers are native to southern Africa, and are now widely cultivated in gardens and used in floral arrangements around the world. They are also well-suited to be grown in gardens or greenhouses due to their love for water, and unique adaptability to a variety of growing conditions. 


Definitely one of the most popular flowers in an Asian household! Orchids are known as houseplants all around the world, but they truly thrive in Southeast Asia. 

Orchids tend to grow best in a porous medium such as bark or soil with good drainage. But in fact, they’re no stranger to water as well! They have the ability to absorb moisture from the air and store it away in specialised organs called pseudobulbs. This helps them get through hotter, drier weather.

Tropical countries like Singapore also provide ideal growing conditions for orchids because of the high humidity and moderate temperatures. These conditions help to prevent the orchid’s delicate leaves and flowers from drying out, and provide an environment in which they can grow and reproduce.

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